PostDoc Scholarships available in Data Science and Big Data Analytics.

Contact me if interested at fabio [dot] mercorio [at] unimib [dot] it.


I am Assistant Professor  in Computer Science at University of Milan-Bicocca, and research collaborator at CRISP Research Centre, Italy. My research interests include:

Knowledge Discovery: Data Quality and Cleaning, Business Intelligence, Graph Databases, Machine Learning.
Artificial Intelligence: domain-independent planning, temporal continuous planning, planning in mixed discrete-continuous domains, planning in hybrid domains.
Formal Verification: model checking techniques, HW/SW verification, control theory, graph algorithms.
(Co)-Developed Tools: UPMurphi, a tool for  linear and nonlinear continuous PDDL+ models with processes and events. It also handles huge state spaces through a disk-based algorithm, while the SUPMurphi extension  implements the strong planning algorithm for dealing with non-determinism. GraphDBLP, a tool that models DBLP as a graph database for performing graph-based queries and social network analyses.

I’m also interested in putting my research into practice, take a look to Research Projects section for further details.

Publications Highlight

  • Mario Mezzanzanica, Fabio Mercorio, Mirko Cesarini, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello (2018). GraphDBLP: a system for analysing networks of computer scientists through graph databases. Multimedia Tools and Applications, pp. 1–32. (link) [Code On GitHub]
  • Mario Mezzanzanica, Fabio Mercorio (2018). in Big Data Enables Labor Market Intelligence,In Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies Edited by Albert Sakr, Springer International Publishing, pp. 1–11. (link)
  • Roberto Boselli and Mirko Cesarini and Fabio Mercorio and Mario Mezzanzanica (2017). Using Machine Learning for Labour Market Intelligence. In Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases – European Conference, ECML PKDD 2017, Skopje, Macedonia, September 18-22, 2017, Proceedings, Part III, pp. 330–342. (link)
  • Wiktor Piotrowski, Maria Fox, Derek Long, Daniele Magazzeni, Fabio Mercorio (2016). Heuristic Planning for PDDL+ Domains. In Proceedings of the 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-16), pp. 3213–3219. (link) [Code On GitHub]
  • Giuseppe Della Penna, Benedetto Intrigila, Daniele Magazzeni, Fabio Mercorio (2009). UPMurphi: a Tool for Universal Planning on PDDL+ Problems. In Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS 2009), pp. 106–113, Thessaloniki, Greece. (link)[Code On GitHub]

What’s New

Events I’m involved in

  • AAAI-19 Program Committee
  • AAAI-19 DC and Student Program Committees
  • AAAI-18 Program Committee
  • AAAI-18 DC and Student Program Committees
  • XAI-18 (IJCAI Workshop) PC
  • ICAPS-18 Program Committee
  • ACM-SAC-18 Program Committee
  • DSAA-18 Program Committee
  • GCP-18 Program Committee
  • BI&Big Data Analytics (lecturer)

My Recent Tweets

Current Positions

  • present2016

    Assistant Professor

    University of Milan-Bicocca. Topics: Knowledge Discovery. Artificial Intelligence, AI Planning

  • Present2010

    Research Collaboration

    CRISP Research Centre, Milan, Italy. Putting research techinques and tools in real-life industrial settings

Employment History

  • 20162011


    University of Milan-Bicocca. Topics: Knowledge Discovery. Artificial Intelligence, AI Planning

  • 8/20167/2015

    Visiting Researcher

    King's College London, UK.


  • PhD2012

    PhD in Computer Science and Application

    Dept of Computer Science, Univ. of L’Aquila, Italy. Advisors: prof. Giuseppe Della Penna and Daniele Magazzeni. Topics: AI Planning, Model Checking and Data Quality.

  • MD2008

    Master Degree in Computer Science and Application

    Univ. of L’Aquila, Italy. Advisor: prof. Giuseppe Della Penan. Topics: AI Planning Control Theory and Model Checking. Maximum score summa cum laude.


  • present2010


    University of Milano-Bicocca. Topics: Python, SQL, Data Quality, Business Intelligence, GraphDatabases, NoSQL.

  • present2010

    Teaching Assist.

    University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy. Topics: Python, Database, SQL

For further details, see my teaching page


  • present2018

    ASN - Associate Professor in Computer Science

    National Scientific Qualification for the position of Associate Professor in Computer Science, ANVUR

  • present2017

    FFABR Research Grant

    FFABR Grants for research productivity provided by Italian Ministry of research “Finanziamento annuale individuale delle attività base di ricerca” [Grants provided on a competitive basis aimed at funding research activities]

  • 20132013

    Best Paper Award

    Best paper award at the Third International Workshop, Human Computer Interaction – Knowledge Discovery 1-3 Luglio, Maribor, Slovenia, 2013

  • 20142014

    Best Paper Award

    Best paper award at the Third International Conference on Data Technologies and Applications, Vienna, Austria, 29-31, 2014

Service in Academic Journals

Service in Academic Conferences (past)

  • (IJCAI-17) Workshops Program Committee for 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

  • (AAAI-17 Student Abstract) The Thirty-First AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

  • (ECAI-16) The 22nd European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, The Hague, Holland

  • (AAAI-16 Student Abstract) The Thirtieth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

  • (IJCAI-16) The 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, New York City

  • (ICAPS-16) The 26th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, London, UK

  • (MOCHAP) The ICAPS Workshop on Model Checking and Automated Planning (2014) and (2015)

  • (ACM SAC) The 30th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing 2015 and 2016, Semantic Web and Application Track

  • (IMMM) The Fourth International Conference on Advances in Information Mining and Management 2014 and 2015

  • The Italian Planning and Scheduling Workshop @AIxIA   2013 and 2015

  • (DATA) Data Technology and Application  Conference20142015, and 2016

  • (KomIS) The special session on “Knowledge Discovery meets Information Systems”, 2014 and 2015