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Public Meeting on Healthcare Systems - Siena

Italian Regional Healthcare Systems. How to manage them?

December, 6th 2012, Siena, Italy

WORKSHOP > Health Econometrics, Bari 2016

University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, 5th Edition

July 22, 23, 24

WORKSHOP > Health Econometrics, Bergamo 2018

University of Bergamo, 6th Edition

July 17th – 19th, 2018

WORKSHOP > Health Econometrics, Padua 2014

Universiry of Padua, 4 Edition

July 18, 19, 20 + Satellite Workshop July 18

SUMMER SCHOOL 2015 > Health Econometrics, Health Policy

Applied health econometrics and health policy

20th – 24th of July, 2015

Implementation of a decision support tool for prevention

– Partner: Lombardy Region.
– Title: Development of a decision-support tool for prevention, based on the integrated interpretation of epidemiological data and context.
– Summary: The project aims to create an information support to monitor the work and achievements of the Prevention of Regione Lombardia mainly in terms of efficiency, using as sources the new database Impres@ and Person@.


Evaluation of performance in Healthcare

– Partner: Lombardy Region – Directorate General of Health.
– Title: Management and development of the system of evaluation of the performance of hospitals in Lombardy. 2009-2014.


Medical and pharmaceutical data management

– Partner: Novartis.
– Title: Scientific collaboration in the medical and pharmaceutical data management sector, in Particular in the field of Meningococcal Antigen Typing System (MATS)


Research on rare diseases

– Partner: Sanofi-Aventis S.p.A.; BioMarin Europe Limited; Sobi (Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Ltd)
– Title: methodological and experimental study to assess the impact on health systems of so-called diseases “rare”. year 2013-14


Study of the systems of evaluation of health services

– Partner: AGENAS (National Agency for Regional Health Services)
– Title: Study of the systems of evaluation of health services.
– Summary: The research, part of the national program of assessment outcomes (PNE) concerns the construction of a model to analyze the quality, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of health care facilities.